The Neanderthal Butcher Plate


This is the dinner plate plate you've been waiting for.  Designed for the grill-to-plate experience, this will take your meals to a new level and quickly become the highlight of your day.

The plate is 10x15" and made from Ohio Black Walnut. No matter when you're cooking up, you can savor the flavor with the juice groove and hot tub. Bernaise, chimichurri, whatever sauce your heart desires.

Pro-Tip: The Neanderthal Butcher Plate works great as a prep cutting board too.  As a matter of fact, many people purchase it for that reason.

Care: Like all wooden prep surfaces, the butcher plate requires special care. We highly recommend the Neanderthal Wood Care Kit to keep your plates in prime shape. 

This is a natural product, color and wood characteristics will vary by plate.