Prepare Like A Pro

Having spent many nights using plastic cutting boards, dull knives, boring ashtrays and random sticks to tend our fires, we knew there was a better way. We made it our mission to change the game.

Made in the USA

"You guys make awesome stuff!"

- Joe Rogan

Real People. Real testimonials.

Love my custom Neanderthal Fire Company cutting board! Not only does it do it’s intended job but it looks amazing. I display it proudly in my kitchen!
First time eating on a @neanderthal_fire_company board. My life is forever changed!
Board arrived yesterday. AMAZING craftsmanship and beautiful wood. I love it already. Thanks a million.
This board is insanely great, Hall of Fame piece of work!!
two men around campfire using neanderthal fire poker

Who We Are

Neanderthal Fire Co. is built on the foundation of turning long nights with good company into lifelong memories.

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