The Neanderthal Butcher Board


The Neanderthal Butcher Board was designed to handle brisket and the biggest, juiciest cuts of meat. This sucker is big, bold, and beautifully crafted by hand to curb your every carnivorous craving.  

Made from sustainably sourced Ohio Black Walnut, this board features a juice groove and 'hot tub' to capture those delicious drippings.

Pro-tip:  Dip a loaf of crusty bread into your brisket or prime rib juices captured in the hot tub.

The Neanderthal Butcher Board is 16x24x1.25 inches and weighs roughly 10lbs.  This is a natural product. Keep in mind that the color and wood characteristics may vary by board.

Care Instructions:  We recommend cleaning your butcher board with a warm, wet cloth, and mild dish soap. It should also be conditioned regularly with the Neanderthal Wood Care Kit to keep it in prime form. Handwash only.